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6:08pm 11-26-2015
Reca Community Cafe
Wow! If all the customers and supporters of this growing community were as devoted and committed as you, Rob You're a top fella and a pride of the cafe and it's many visitors AS WELL AS a superb photographer, thanks for being around bro, best wishes at all times, L&R Rick and Katie .. Reca x
9:09pm 12-11-2014
David Richardson
Received a picture of my cat much quicker than expected and was amazed at the quality.
Exceptional painting and so accurate. Highly won't be disappointed.
12:05pm 02-25-2014
Amanda Smalley
Never in my life, have I been so moved by somebody's art besides yours Rob..... From a lump in my throat to tears strolling down my face, totally amazing !!! I'm speechless x
11:11pm 09-23-2013
Steve Toombs
Received paintings from Rob and i've gotta say, they are truly a WORK OF ART! Thanks a million sunshine!
5:13pm 07-01-2013
Jay Lethbridge
You have done an amazing job on the Digital Painting of my monkeys (Sulawesi Crested Macaque Monkeys) to perfection my friend. Picture perfect. The quality is outstanding and second to none. Superb work indeed. Class work Rob. Many thanks indeed. I am made up to say the least
9:52pm 03-27-2013
David McFarland
One word - Stunning - your work and your web site.
9:38pm 03-27-2013
Anthony Hedger
Well I thought I'd have a quick look at Rob's work within the walls of his website. That quick look turned into one of open mouth delight.
OMG, what an amazing talent you have Rob WOW! WOW! WOW!
I really am speechless for the first time in my life at your amazing and fantastic beautiful creations.
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.
4:34pm 03-27-2013
Keith Towers
You can't deny it! Rob's work is one class act. Not is he just a talented artist and photographer, but he is also a very skilled craftsman.
9:24pm 03-24-2013
Thank you Rob for the most beautiful digital painting of my daughter on her Graduation day! Just a few hours ago it was simply a thought and now I actually have it... and it turned out so much better then I could have imagined. What an amazing way to capture the memories of the day. Your talent is incredible and inspiring.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

Alberta, Canada
5:02pm 03-12-2013
Natasha Stockbridge
I had rob come and do a shoot on my 4 month old son this morning and both myself and my partner are really impressed with his work!! The images he managed to capture of my son are truly amazing and i couldn't of asked for any better. He was so at ease with my son and stopped and took breaks when we needed to. I'll be recommending him to family and friends and we'll definitely be using him again in the near future! Thank you rob, you're very talented and good at what you do
1:41pm 03-04-2013
Chloe Martin
Rob has recently done a photo session on my son who is 5 months old, teething and whinging ALOT! Rob has managed to capture some amazing photos, so much patience and i would recommend to family and friends! thank you rob very happy customer
2:28pm 02-01-2013
tracey Morrall
Where do I start about Rob's work, he is truly talented and inspiring, and is always there to help anyone who needs it. I myself want to work with Rob and in the future I will. I truly believe that Rob's talent will take him to the top, Hopefully with a picture of me :-). Rob I have always been a massive fan of yours and will continue to be, thank you for bringing us such wonderful images. All the best, Tracey xxxx
2:28pm 02-01-2013
Samantha Sweeting
What can I say about Rob's work that hasn't already been said by many a critic? It's just fabulous, the way he draws you into his images opening up a world of imagination, his pictures start conversations, inspire and turn heads! - Awesome work Rob
5:02pm 01-27-2013
Paul Holman
Rob's style is truly original & thought provoking, his consistent high standard set him aside from others in an ever increasing competitive market, I look forward to working with him in the near future
7:11am 01-05-2013
Karen Fiore
Rob is truly a brilliant photographer I have had 3 shoots now and planning another I have been amazed with every pic I have also with my canvas I have just purchased OMG BEAUTIFUL is all I can say I love it . Thank u rob for capturing everything I ask u r the best and I would nt go anywhere else for my pics thank you soo much xxxxxxxxx
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